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Platinum Bonus: Learn to Meditate

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Platinum Bonus: Learn to Meditate

Meditation is gentle yet powerfully transformative. When practiced daily you'll experience your body's natural ability to heal itself, release the grip of trauma, understand yourself more, develop emotional regulation and be more resilient. This course builds upon the knowledge and practices found in Create Calm & Invite Happiness.

This Course Covers:

Learn what meditation is and why it's so valuable to our wellbeing.

Learn the foundations of building a successful and enjoyable Meditation practice.

Prepare your environment, your body, mind and breath for a successful meditation.

Learn 5 different meditation techniques to provide a variety of options that support your preferred style and healing outcome.

The most common myths I hear about meditation and my encouragement to you.


Step 2: Discover your Life Purpose

The next step on your journey is to hear the call of your soul more clearly, by healing your relationship to yourself and developing a sense of connection and trust with your most authentic self. Learn more.


Step 3: Align & Action your Vision

Now that you've formed a clearer vision for where your soul is leading you, it's time to gather all of your knowledge, wisdom and courage to take confident action towards your dreams. Learn more.

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