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Align Your Energy & Reclaim Your Power


Align your energy and reclaim your power, so that you have the strength to pursue a life you love. Learn effective self-healing practices that support your healing journey and explore: MODULE 1: WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO HEAL Take a deeper look at what healing really is, investigate where you may be giving your power away, and embrace your ability to heal yourself. MODULE 2: HEALING BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Appreciate the interconnection of our body, mind and spirit, and explore states of being that support healing. MODULE 3: HEALING WITH INTENTION Experience the healing power of intention as you clear, charge, balance and align your chakras. MODULE 4: HEALING WITH MOVEMENT Shift your state of being and encourage healing through intuitive movement. MODULE 5: HEALING WITH STILLNESS Find connection with your spirit, build your spiritual energy and inspire healing through stillness. MODULE 6: HEALING WITH CONNECTION Explore healing in safety and connection as you harness your energy to pursue a life you love.


3 Plans Available, From NZ$700

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