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Discover Who You Are & Cultivate Self Love


STEP 1: DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE & CULTIVATE SELF LOVE Be guided to expand your consciousness and reconnect with your soul, to uncover the answers that are hidden within you. As you learn to sense the wisest, most authentic aspect of who you are you'll begin healing your relationship with yourself. You'll begin to cultivate self acceptance, self love, and develop authentic self expression. This course covers: YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS Establish your intentions for the journey ahead, celebrate your awakening and embrace your sacred questions. THE GREAT SEARCH WITHIN Learn to recognise your True Self, cultivate calm awareness, and allow who you really are to shine through. RECOGNISING WHO YOU ARE NOT Recognise the limiting labels that have previously defined you, view your behaviour from a different angle, and greet your Shadow with compassion. INTEGRATION & HEALING Develop core skills in emotional intelligence and begin to heal your relationship with yourself. LOVING & ACCEPTING YOURSELF Integrate your shadow, embrace self-love and develop a more positive self image. EXPLORING YOUR WORLD Take a courageous look at your life and understand yourself more deeply. The natural companions to this course are: STEP 2: DISCOVER WHY YOU'RE HERE & LIVE WITH PURPOSE STEP 3: EXPRESS YOUR TRUE SELF & LIVE A MEANINGFUL LIFE


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