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Free Trial: Create Calm & Invite Happiness


Enjoy your free 7 day trial! The essential first step to discovering your life purpose and enjoying a meaningful life, is to develop a calm state of mind that provides clarity around your purpose and supports your desires for self-actualisation. Step one establishes a safe and stable foundation for self-exploration, offering greater opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. I'll explain why your passion and purpose can only become clear once you've created calm and invited happiness, and guide you in transformational practices that support this. Step one covers: REIKI AS SUPPORT Develop an appreciation for Reiki, the compassionate energy that will support your journey. BEFRIENDING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM Explore your Nervous System to understand how it works, and learn why it's an important ally in your quest for calm and happiness. RECLAIMING YOUR ENERGY Explore the role that stress is playing in your health and life. Recognise early signs of stress and consider how to reduce it, so you've got more energy to discover your passion and purpose. HEALING BODY, MIND & SOUL Practice holistic techniques that combine the body, mind and soul to create feelings of calm and happiness. YOUR BODY AS A HEALING TOOL Promote insight and clarity using the body's physiology to shift the way you think, feel and behave. ELEVATING YOUR PERSPECTIVE Utilise the power of the mind and harness your emotions to embody a state of being that supports personal growth and development.


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