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Embark on Your Journey with Clarity


Welcome to Discover your Life Purpose: MODULE 1 Please complete these modules in the correct order as they build upon each other. MODULE 1: EMBARK ON YOUR JOURNEY WITH CLARITY Understand our partnership, embrace your courage and celebrate the journey. Establish personal definitions of key concepts so you can move forward with clarity. MODULE 2: GET UNSTUCK & DEVELOP EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Understand why your Life Purpose isn't clear to you yet. Increase self-awareness and learn to regulate your emotional state as you create a meaningful life. MODULE 3: MEET YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF & DEVELOP SELF LOVE Get in touch with your wisest most authentic self so you can embrace self-love and develop a more positive self image. MODULE 4: LISTEN TO YOUR SOUL & DISCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE Begin to listen to the quiet whispers of your soul and get clarity on where it wants to lead you.


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