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Self-Healing Practices to Align Your Energy & Reclaim Your Power


It's my intention that this mini-course helps you to align your energy and reclaim your power, so that you have the strength to pursue a life you love. Learn effective self-healing practices that support your healing journey and explore: WHAT IT REALLY MEANS TO HEAL Take a deeper look at what healing really is, investigate where you may be giving your power away, and embrace your ability to heal yourself. HEALING THE BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Appreciate the interconnection of our body, mind and spirit, and explore states of being that support healing. HEALING WITH STILLNESS Find connection with your spirit, build your spiritual energy and inspire healing through stillness. HEALING WITH MOVEMENT Shift your state of being and encourage healing through intuitive movement. HEALING WITH INTENTION Experience the healing power of intention as you clear, charge, balance and align your chakras. CONTINUING YOUR HEALING JOURNEY Explore healing in safety and connection, harnessing your energy to pursue a life you love and healing yourself and others.



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