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Answer your Sacred Questions

Answering the sacred questions "who am I?" and "what is my life purpose?" can take years or even a lifetime if we don't have clear guidance. My higher purpose is to share the wisdom that I've gained from my own quest.


I've created 3 Online Courses that build upon each other, to guide you through our most common sacred questions. These courses will help you to know who you really are, heal your relationship with yourself, develop self-compassion, discover your life purpose and express yourself authentically.


Discover Who You Are & Cultivate Self Love


Expand your consciousness and reconnect with your soul, to uncover the answers that are hidden within you. Learn to sense the wisest aspect of who you are and begin healing your relationship with yourself. Cultivate self acceptance, self love, and authentic self expression. Learn more.

Discover Why You're Here & Live With Purpose


Connect with your True Self to explore your life purpose and release what's holding you back. Uncover your unique gifts and consider the many ways you could express them so you can live with purpose. Learn more.


Express Your True Self

& Live A Meaningful Life


Develop the confidence to share your True Self with the world. Envision living your life purpose, and create an environment that supports the fulfilment of this vision. Follow your guidance and take courageous action towards living a meaningful life. Learn more.

Reiki Healing & Coaching


One thing I've learned on my healing journey is that we can't do it alone. Connection - to ourselves and others is vital. Reiki Healing & Coaching sessions offer a chance to connect, feel seen and heard, co-regulate, gain clarity and heal. Learn more.

Reiki Treatment
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& Join Courses


A selection of support to help you answer your sacred questions and create a meaningful life, simply choose the level of support that's right for you. Join today and begin your journey with instant access to your online courses.

Rachael B.

I found the Holistic Healing & Coaching programme informative and enlightening, it opened up my mind and I experienced new things. I'd never sat down before and really tried to understand “me”, I now believe in myself again! I feel emotionally stronger and more equipped to manage life and its challenges. I couldn’t be anymore thankful.

Pamela G.

Charisse has such a calm, gentle presence that always makes me feel safe and cared for. I feel confident in her care because she's so knowledgeable on a range of topics. Her Reiki sessions are soothing and reassuring. I find they help me feel kinder to myself and soften me to receive whatever is coming my way. I always walk out feeling lifted!

Joanne M.

I've had three sessions of Reiki Healing, each time I felt incredibly peaceful and more connected to Source. I’ve even felt moments of bliss throughout the day. I was aware that deep issues were being addressed and felt much lighter, optimistic and filled with unconditional love. It’s the best gift that you can give yourself. I can’t express the immense gratitude I feel.

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