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Sakura Flowers

Reiki Healing & Coaching

One thing I've learned on my healing journey is that we can't do it alone. Connection to ourselves and others is vital. These sessions allow you to feel seen and heard, co-regulate, gain clarity and heal.

Reiki Healing & Coaching Sessions:


These 60 minute, private sessions integrate Intuitive Reiki Healing with personal guidance as you begin to uncover who you are, why you're here and create a meaningful life. You may purchase these sessions individually or as a package.


Reiki Healing & Coaching sessions offer a space to feel seen and heard, co-regulate, gain clarity and heal.


Our Time Together Offers:


• Intuitive Reiki Healing to support your transformation

• Holistic Coaching tools and practices


• An integrated heart-mind-body-soul approach


• A safe space for you to be seen and heard without judgement


• A chance to learn new ways of being, and practices that will support your continued development


• Guidance inwards to the whisperings of your soul


• An opportunity to ask questions and share insights


Course 1: Discover Who You Are & Cultivate Self Love

Expand your consciousness and reconnect with your soul, to uncover the answers that are hidden within you. Learn to sense the wisest aspect of who you are and begin healing your relationship with yourself. Cultivate self acceptance, self love, and authentic self expression. Learn more.


Course 2: Discover Why You're Here & Live With Purpose

Connect with your True Self to explore your life purpose and release what's holding you back. Uncover your unique gifts and consider the many ways you could express them so you can live with purpose. Learn more.


Course 3: Express Your True Self & Live A Meaningful Life

Develop the confidence to share your True Self with the world. Envision living your life purpose, and create an environment that supports the fulfilment of this vision. Follow your guidance and take courageous action towards living a meaningful life. Learn more.

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