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Animal Reiki to Support Healing

Whether your pet needs physical or emotional support, Animal Reiki can support your furry friend with unconditional love and healing.

small fluffy dog resting on its back

Animals hold a special place in my heart, and if you are reading this then I know they are sacred to you too. Namaste fellow animal lover!

My journey into Energy Healing began years ago with my ‘first love’, a handsome and cuddly Chihuahua named Diesel. Through our relationship together I learned so many things, but his biggest gift was leading me to become a Reiki Practitioner. I honour him in this blog post here.

Thanks to this small dog’s big heart, my heart has been opened wide to all animals and I feel so blessed to help them with the gift of Animal Reiki.

Animals can benefit from Reiki Healing as much as humans, we are animals ourselves after all, but for many people it isn’t something they have ever considered for their pet. So I write this on behalf of your beloved pets, to bring Animal Reiki Healing into the forefront of your mind!

It has occurred to me that many pets actually lead quite stressful lives, and we know that healing cannot occur while the body is in a state of stress.

When we place ourselves in their position it isn’t surprising that many pets stress out as we head off for work, not knowing that we’ll return. They have already been removed from their mother and siblings, sometimes they’re homed in a pet store before being re-homed again into a family, so it’s not a great leap to see how they may suffer from separation anxiety, depression or stress now.

Unfortunately they are unable to clearly communicate their distress. They instead use undesirable behaviours to get our attention such as peeing in the house, constantly licking themselves or continually barking.

Pets that have been lovingly adopted into your home may carry emotional scars from past trauma that you aren’t fully aware of. Perhaps they suffered torture, abuse or neglect and need extra support in settling into their fur-ever home and their new life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to nurture your new fur baby with the loving vibes of Animal Reiki, while soothing the trauma of their past?

Our pets may become injured or ill and experience physical pain. I advocate a holistic approach encompassing the body, mind and spirit of the animal. I encourage the involvement of a Veterinarian in conjunction with Animal Reiki to support the optimum outcome for your pet.

Reiki Healing is a great way to assist your pet on all levels, and has been used in human hospitals to “reduce pain, fatigue, pre-treatment anxiety for surgical/chemo or radio therapy treatment, and to improve post-operative recovery in the case of surgical interventions”.1

There is evidence to support the use of Reiki Healing for conditions relating to pain, stress, anxiety and mood in humans, and I’ve seen for myself the positive effects Animal Reiki has had on my own pets as well as other animals I have worked with.

One of the most heart-warming reports I hear from owners after their pet has received Healing is the stronger bond they feel with their pet. It’s as if their pet says to them “thank you for listening to me and helping me, let’s talk more often!”

There are many reasons you may consider Animal Reiki Healing to be right for your pet, here are just a few times when it would be ideal:

  • If your pet is suffering emotionally eg. anxiety, depression, nerves, stress, fear.

  • If your pet is injured or unwell.

  • To help a new pet adjust to your home.

  • Before, during or after they have surgery.

  • Helping a rescue animal heal past traumas.

  • When you'll be away from your pet for a lengthy period. 

  • Being away from your pet on vacation or out of town for business.

  • If you have long days at the office.

  • When they are grieving the loss of another furry friend.

  • If they will be staying in boarding kennels or a cattery etc.

  • To promote bonding between you and your pet.

  • To assist your pet in a peaceful transition to the afterlife.

As a final note, more food for thought: animals are very sensitive to energy and can feel our pain, whether that be physical discomfort or emotional pain. As Master Healers, many of our pets actually take on our pain in attempt to heal us. This may be an effective short term solution but will quickly wear them out.

As pet parents we need to consider that if our pet isn’t well, it may be because we aren’t.

One of the biggest ways we can bring healing to our pets is to take care of ourselves too! You can find ideas that will support you in my blog about Taking Steps Towards Happiness. Or enjoy a Trauma Informed Reiki Healing session for yourself.

With love and gratitude,



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