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Embracing Change

Viewing change from the higher ground of our soul's perspective provides us with refuge and comfort, allowing us to start embracing change.

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The winds of change blow into our lives, sometimes with great welcome and motivation but oftentimes alarmingly out of the blue. Amidst the storm of change our world gets shaken up, tipped upside down and turned inside out.

It can be overwhelming when all that we held as "true" no longer is, but we can find comfort and refuge by viewing change from a higher perspective. This means embracing change by looking deep within ourselves for inner strength, and seeking the divine order in the chaos.

The Fear of Change

Change of course, is natural and is said to be the only constant in life. The natural world teaches us that change is an essential part of being alive.

We see how effortlessly trees release their leaves in autumn, preparing themselves for the next cycle of life. We see the dramatic transformation that a caterpillar makes as it emerges from it’s chrysalis having completely reorganised itself into a whole different being.

We see the order and beauty in all of this, yet we fear change when it appears in our world.

As natural as change is, it is equally as natural for us to fear it - even if it’s something we’ve been hoping and praying for! As humans we are equipped with a function designed to keep us safe - our ego.

Our ego views change as a threat to our safety and communicates through feelings of fear. These feelings of fear cause us to resist change in an attempt to remain safely in our comfort zone, but in reality our resistance only creates friction making the changes even harder to deal with.

Once we acknowledge that the fear is coming from our ego, we can listen to a voice that has a wider perspective on the situation - our soul.

Our soul has our best interests at heart and has chosen these changes to best promote our personal development.

Embracing Change

Just like we prune a shrub to promote growth next spring, our soul shapes our life to give us the opportunity to grow and flourish in our next cycle. Instead of resisting the change I suggest surrendering to it.

The act of surrender brings a sense of peace. A calm inner landscape enables us to experience calm in our outer landscape. Surrendering isn’t giving away power, it is actually self-empowering to trust our higher self, embrace our divine plan and ultimately discover more about who we really are.

As we begin to view the changes from the higher ground of our soul’s perspective, we see that we’ve been given a great gift and can start embracing change.

The Gifts of Change:

  • The uncertainty of change is an expansive energy that creates new pathways, allowing unexpected opportunities to manifest in unplanned ways.

  • We are provoked into questioning our beliefs and given the chance to discard limiting beliefs we’ve picked up from family and society.

  • We examine our relationships, routines and situations and are given the chance to break free of confining boundaries.

  • Our values are re-evaluated and we search for new ‘truths’ that align with our new values.

  • Creativity is inspired as the light of epiphany shines through the cracks of our ‘old’ crumbling reality.

  • A ‘new’ reality begins to take form as we awaken to our own truth.

  • In overcoming challenges the depth of our inner strength and power is revealed.

  • We find freedom from a deeper knowledge of self.

Having surrendered to change we come out the other end completely transformed. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we are forever changed by these life events.

We live our life with a new awareness. We are stronger and wiser, we know who we are, and what our truth is. From our higher vantage point we see the direction that change has taken us, and glimpse the divine perfection of it all.

So as your life seems to swirl in chaos around you, and the solid ground beneath your feet seems to give way - let it. Trust that your soul has a bigger, brighter, better plan for you and relish the opportunity you’ve been given to embrace your deeper truths.

If you'd like support embracing change, or creating some calm amidst the storm, you might like to learn to meditate or rest in the deep relaxation of Reiki.

With love and gratitude,



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