Unwrapping Hidden Gifts

The biggest healing in my life came packaged as the smallest gift. The smallest, fluffiest, most loveable gift - a tiny Chihuahua puppy named Diesel. I had no idea our journey together would be so healing, and eventually place me on the path of my life purpose.

I will always remember the day Diesel entered my life, it was love at first sight and we instantly developed a deep connection. The love we shared was unlike any kind of love I’d felt before, it was pure and unconditional and it blew my heart wide open. Anatole France said it perfectly when he said...

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Through loving this puppy I realised the depth of love my heart could hold. I came to see that I could give love endlessly and never feel empty, in fact the more I gave, the more I received! It soon became natural for me to give love freely to all who crossed my path.

My relationship with Diesel grew deeper by the day, and after a while I noticed something interesting was happening between us. We seemed to get sick with the same illness at the same time. When he had knee surgery, my knees were weak and hurt too. When I felt nauseous, so did he. This happened repeatedly and I began wondering “what is going on?”.

I have always been interested in the mysterious and my curiosity led me to Energy Healing. I learned that we were unconsciously healing each other empathically - taking on each others pain to help process it. We often do this with our loved ones without realising it, and though it is a natural response for many of us, it is not a sustainable solution and will quickly wear you out. I decided we needed help from an experienced Energy Healer.

Diesel was an anxious and neurotic dog, yet as I sat with him during his first Energy Healing session I was taken by surprise. He completely relaxed and within minutes fell asleep beneath the practitioners healing hands! I was so impressed by his response to the healing, that I was inspired to learn Reiki.

My intention had merely been to bring healing and comfort to my pets, but a few years later I had kids and found that I was using Reiki all the time. It can feel overwhelming hearing your children suffer with colic or teething pain and it was during these heart-wrenching times that I was so grateful for Reiki. My feelings of helplessness were significantly lessened, and I was able to remain calm knowing that my cuddles were supercharged with loving healing energy.

The more that I practiced the system of Reiki, the more my life began to change. I began to change. My life began to flow with ease and grace, and my need for control slowly melted away as I developed a deep level of trust in life and the support that surrounds us. I became more self-aware, more compassionate towards others, and learned to love and accept myself. My desire to “make the world a better place” grew so strong that I decided I was now ready to share my gift of healing with the world. I had inadvertently taken the first steps towards living my life's purpose.

Diesel’s unconditional love along with the system of Reiki helped me follow a curiosity that led me step by step along the adventurous path of discovering my purpose. It has evolved and grown over time as I've become more in tune with myself and what I truly desire. It is now my joy to help others to discover their own purpose, so they can live a happy and fulfilling life.

When I entered the world of Energy Healing all those years ago, my only goal was to heal my pets. I didn’t know Reiki would have such a profound impact on my own life, but actually I’ve had the biggest healing of all. I encourage you to explore Reiki for yourself, you’ve seen where it has taken me, where will it take you?

With love and gratitude,