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Chanting Reiki Kotodama

  • 49 New Zealand dollars
  • Zoom - Online Session


Take your Reiki practice deeper and embody the spiritual essence of the Reiki Precepts through sacred sound. Join me as we chant the sacred sounds of the Reiki Precepts in their native tongue - Japanese, to release their inherent spiritual power (kotodama). You may join in the chanting, or simply listen in meditation as I chant. Each session allows you to deepen your relationship with the Reiki Precepts. As we continue to practice we come to new understandings and learn to embody their spiritual essence. During our Chanting Reiki Kotodama sessions we will: • Chant the Sacred Sounds of the Reiki Precepts in Japanese • Practice self-Reiki • Receive the spiritual gift of Reiju (spiritual blessings) • Answer meditation questions Chanting is known to stimulate the vagus nerve and activate the "Rest and Regenerate" aspect of our nervous system, vital for self-healing to occur. Regular stimulation of the vagus nerve creates healthy vagal tone leading to better emotional regulation and resilience - meaning we don't become so overwhelmed by our emotions, and we'll bounce back quicker in stressful situations. This era we are living in is stressful on many levels so it's never been more important to have a self-care routine in place. Meditation is exactly that - showing care and compassion to ourselves, which has a beautiful ripple effect on our family, friends and the world around us! Meditation is valuable time we dedicate to the cultivation of our inner peace, personal and spiritual development. No experience is necessary, I will gently guide you through the process. Sessions are online on Zoom and are 30 mins in length.

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