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Discover your Life Purpose

  • 31 Stranraer Crescent, Auckland


The answer to the sacred question "what is my life purpose?" can remain hidden for years or even a lifetime if you don't have clear guidance. I understand how difficult and frustrating discovering your life's purpose can be, so I've removed the uncertainty and created a 3 step path for you to follow. This path is the "Discover your Life Purpose" programme: A comprehensive programme that offers a comforting blend of in-person Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions, balanced with self-paced online learning modules. As you journey through the steps I’ll walk alongside you as your guide, you won’t be alone. I’ll help you to hear your inner wisdom, heal your relationship with yourself and develop self-compassion and confidence as you discover your life purpose. The Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions that are part of the Discover your Life Purpose Programme are 60 minute, private sessions that integrate Intuitive Reiki Healing with personal guidance. As we share time and energy together in these sessions, it's an opportunity to co-regulate your nervous system in safety and connection. This is powerfully supportive while you explore your inner world and begin to heal. 
 Our time together in these sessions offers: • Intuitive Reiki Healing to support your transformation. • Holistic Coaching tools and practices. • An integrated heart-mind-body-soul approach. • A safe space for you to be seen and heard without judgement. • A chance to learn new ways of being, and practices that will support your continued development. • Guidance inwards to the whisperings of your soul. • An opportunity to ask questions and share insights. These Discover your Life Purpose Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions are only available with a Discover Your Life Purpose Package. Please view the LIFE PURPOSE page for more information and to select your preferred level of support.

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