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Holistic Healing & Coaching

One thing I've learned on my healing journey is that we can't do it alone. Connection - to ourselves and others is vital. Meeting for our in-person sessions offers you a chance to feel seen and heard, co-regulate, gain clarity and heal.

In addition to the online learning modules are your Discover your Life Purpose Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions.


These 60 minute, private sessions integrate Intuitive Reiki Healing with personal guidance as you begin to uncover who you are, why you're here and create a meaningful life.


Discover your Life Purpose Holistic Healing & Coaching sessions are a chance to feel seen and heard, co-regulate, gain clarity and heal.


Our time together offers:


• Intuitive Reiki Healing to support your transformation


• An integrated heart-mind-body-soul approach


• A safe space for you to be seen and heard without judgement


• A chance to learn new ways of being, and practices that will support your continued development


• Guidance inwards to the whisperings of your soul


• An opportunity to ask questions and share insights


Platinum Bonus: Learn to Meditate

Sign up for the Platinum Package and receive the Platinum Bonus: Learn to Meditate course as my free gift to you! Learn More.


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