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Discover Why You're Here & Live with Purpose


Welcome to Discover Why You're Here & Live With Purpose Be guided to connect with your True Self to explore your life's purpose, and release what's holding you back. Uncover your unique gifts and consider the many ways you could express them so you can live with purpose. Within this course are guided meditations & spiritual practices, and many insightful self reflection prompts. This course covers: MODULE 1: ANSWERING THE CALL Start your journey in a state of mind that supports your desire for self-actualisation. MODULE 2: CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE SELF Connect with your True Self for deeper insights and more awareness around your life purpose. MODULE 3: DISCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE Uncover your unique gifts and get clarity on where your True Self has been leading you. MODULE 4: CRAFT YOUR LIFE PURPOSE STATEMENT Integrate your thoughts, insights and realisations into your personal life purpose statement. MODULE 5: CONTINUE WITH PASSION Maintain a positive outlook as you consider your path forward.


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