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A Flash of Inspiration

A flash of inspiration made me realise that we can’t always change our situation, but shifting our perspective can change how we feel about them.

dog and person sleeping on bed

I recently had the frustrating experience of trying to fall asleep while my partner loudly snored his head off. As the frustration of the situation began to build within me, a funny thing happened that changed my whole perspective.

As the snoring loudly continued beside me, I started to feel the vibrations of the sound ripple through my body. Surprisingly the vibrations seemed to be gently massaging me, and my body and mind began to relax. It reminded me very much of receiving sound healing!

While listening to the snoring I became very present in ‘the now’. I noticed the sounds changing volume and tempo. At one point the sounds became gentle ‘whooshes’, like ocean waves lapping at the shore. As feelings of peace washed over me I slipped into an even more relaxed state.

I began to wonder how healing these sound vibrations could be for me, and for my partner too.

  • Could it be that snoring is our body’s natural way of healing through sound vibration?

  • Could the vibrations of snoring be releasing stuck energy from the day?

  • Was it possible that I was also benefiting from this sound that was emanating from deep within my partner?

Suddenly my curious questioning had opened the door of possibility and immediately shifted my feelings from annoyance to wonder. Instead of feeling trapped in an unwanted situation, I suddenly felt expansive, curious and grateful that I may be inadvertently receiving healing!

In a flash of inspiration I realised how we can’t always change the situations we find ourselves in, but shifting our perspective can change how we feel about them.

I felt this message deeply and knew that my partner’s snoring had been a teaching moment from my guides, with a message that extended beyond the current snoring situation. I was being gently reminded to shift my perspective around situations that were bothering me.

Curiosity was the key that would open up the doors of possibility for me.

So could snoring be sound healing? Well in this instance my partner’s snoring had been healing. I had experienced relaxation of my body and mind, and I had received a flash of insight and inspiration.

What situations are you struggling with? What questions could you ask yourself that would arouse your curiosity, and open the door of possibility for you?

If you'd like to gain clarity around your situation, or receive the energetic support of Reiki Healing, you can book a Trauma Informed Reiki Healing session with me.

With love and gratitude,



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