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Distance Reiki Healing

  • 69 New Zealand dollars
  • Zoom - Online Session


Reiki is the spiritual energy at the essence of everyone and everything. At a level deeper than our individuality, we are all unified and connected as one through this unconditionally loving energy. This connection allows us to share in Reiki even across vast distance. Reiki gently supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. I conduct all Reiki sessions from a trauma informed perspective. When facing the challenges of personal growth or stressful events, feeling relaxed can be difficult. By choosing to receive Reiki from the comfort of your own home you may find it easier to settle into relaxation, stimulating your natural Relaxation Response that allows your body to release stress and activate rest and repair mode. By creating space for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to heal you'll feel more resilient to stress, more energised and creative, and have more patience and compassion. Connecting to Reiki also helps you to stay in alignment with who you really are. As someone who wants to help you step fully into your power and purpose, this is one aspect of Reiki that I absolutely love! Distance Reiki can be just as transformative as an in-person session, and is an excellent option to consider if: • Illness has restricted your social interactions. • You find physical movement difficult. • You're in hospital and would like care before, during or after surgery. • You live outside of Auckland or in another country. • You'd like multiple healing sessions and this is more convenient. • You are out of town for a stressful work event. Healing means to become whole. It's a journey back to Self that takes time and can feel confusing and messy. This is where regular Reiki sessions can be of great benefit. Meeting regularly opens up the possibility for greater self-exploration and awareness to emerge, so I suggest scheduling regular sessions to better support you. Your Distance Reiki Session: Please join the online Zoom meeting at your scheduled time and we'll discuss your needs. I'll then send Reiki from my healing room while you relax in the comfort of your own healing space. After the session we can talk about your experience and answer any questions you have. Please allow 30 minutes for your Distance Reiki Healing session.

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