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Reiki Level 1: Shoden

  • 297 New Zealand dollars
  • 31 Stranraer Crescent, Auckland


Learn Reiki to awaken your true self and embrace your spiritual gifts. Reiki (Ray-kee) is a Japanese Healing Art and Spiritual Practice that awakens our compassionate heart and intuitive gifts, so we may bring healing to ourselves and offer our healing hands in service to the world. The desire to make the world a better place is often what draws us to attend a Reiki class, and it may be a beautiful surprise to learn that within the teachings and practices of Reiki lays a spiritual path that guides us towards enlightenment. Reiki Level 1: Shoden are the "first teachings" of Reiki. In my classes you'll learn and experience: • The Reiki Initiation Ceremony to awaken your True Self and your spiritual gifts. • Reiki as a spiritual practice so that your spiritual gifts have the fertile soil they need to flourish. • The foundational principles and practices of Reiki plus their deeper meaning. • Reiki meditation exercises that enhance your understanding of Reiki. • Our energy system and the mind-body-spirit connection from a Reiki perspective. • Reiki as a Healing Art and your role as a Reiki Practitioner. • Practical experience both giving and receiving Reiki Healing. It's my intention that after this class you're able to understand the core teachings and confidently perform Reiki Healing for yourself and others. But even more than this, you're filled with a sense of curiosity and awaken to the possibility of knowing yourself at a deeper level through Reiki and it's meditation practices. Upon completion of this class you'll be able to perform Reiki Healing for yourself, family and friends as a Reiki Practitioner. You'll graduate with a Reiki Level 1: Shoden certificate and receive a beautiful, in-depth Reiki Manual that covers everything you need to cultivate a strong Reiki practice. As a member of Reiki NZ I teach to their guidelines. This in-person class is only part of your Reiki training, it will help your personal development if you make time before and after the class to read the Reiki Manual and reflect on the questions within it. To nurture the seeds planted in class you'll also need to continue to practice what you've learned, remember becoming a Reiki 'Practitioner' means we 'practice' Reiki. Meet your Reiki Teacher: Hi I'm Charisse, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher. I'm passionate about honouring the Japanese origins of Reiki, with an emphasis on Reiki as a spiritual practice for healing your life.

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