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Meditating with Your Pet

Not only does meditating with your pet enhance your relationship with them, it facilitates an experience of connection and oneness with all of life.

Dog with head out car window

I’d like to take you on a Voyage of the Heart. A voyage that knows no bounds, that journeys deep within, yet travels beyond time and space. And you needn’t even get up from the couch. Settle in and get comfortable, this voyage begins at home, with you.

It begins with a question: “What kind of world do you want to live in?”.

Take a moment to really feel into that. What does it look like? What does it sound like? How do you feel? And with our hearts ablaze with that passionate vision of our future, our journey continues…

Holding that vision alive in your heart I invite you to give it permission to become reality. I empower you to know that we can do this. That YOU can do this. Your actions in this life have an observable effect on the people and the world around you. But it’s up to you! There are many steps to take before arriving at this vision of our future, we have to start now.

This voyage is beginning to feel bumpy. I can feel your doubt creeping in, your fear taking over, so I remind you to breathe deeply and relax. Remember we aren’t travelling alone, we are surrounded by fellow travellers on this journey. Our journey is divinely guided and our team is strong. Strong and fluffy. There’s you, and me, and our precious animal companions.

Yes you heard right, our animal companions! It wouldn’t be a Voyage of the Heart if our animals weren’t with us, it would just be a Voyage. So invite them along and I’ll tell you why they are the key to achieving our vision of the future.

Buddha said something along the lines of

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared”.

My personal experience as a pet parent to two amazing dogs taught me this lesson very early on. I learned that loving one puppy did not diminish the love I felt for the other, in fact it seemed to multiply!

I experienced how their boundless joy could ignite joy within myself. I saw how they didn’t try to be anything other than who they were. They didn’t intentionally try to make me love or laugh, I just did because they lit my candle. And each time they lit my candle I was able to go out into the world an light someone else’s.

I believe our animal friends are our master teachers and healers, and this is why they hold the key to our ideal future.

The reciprocated, unconditional love and joy that we experience with our pets is what lights up our inner candles, allowing us to shine so brightly that we light up others. If everyone’s hearts were aglow with the light of love, would our world begin to look as we dream?

Our voyage has brought us out of fear and into love, and we are the caretakers of a very special key. With such an important role to play in transforming our present life into our ideal future, it’s imperative that we regard our animal friends with the utmost honour and respect.

One of the most mutually beneficial ways of expressing love and reverence for your pet is to cuddle them. Now regular cuddles are great, but what I’m suggesting here is getting really present and mindfully sharing your love with them. Treat it as a spiritual exercise that you can do together. Lovingly giving them your undivided attention shows them great respect and allows their voice to be heard - if you’ll listen.

Hearing our animals requires listening on a deeper, more intuitive level and is better described as ‘sensing’ our pets thoughts and feelings. As we relax and quiet our mind our brainwaves change and begin to emit an alpha wave. Animals can feel this shift in our energy and they like it! Your pet wants to ‘speak’ with you as much as you want to ‘speak’ with them, giving them space to do so will strengthen your relationship and really light each others candles.

Bonding with our animal companions in this way is very healing on all levels. Beyond our enhanced relationship with our pets, we experience a feeling of connection and oneness with all of life. The realisation that we are all connected has a ripple effect as we begin to treat our animals, other people and the Earth with more care and respect.

And now, from the comfort of your couch I call you to action: meditate with your pets!

Meditating with your Pet

  • Consider allowing your animal companions to share your daily meditation time with you. They enjoy the calm energy you create together and it's a beautiful way to co-regulate!

  • Or simply spend 5 minutes every day giving your animal companion your undivided attention. Gratefully receive their unconditional love and acceptance towards you, and gift them the same.

  • Let your love and healing energy flow to them, feel their response and be open to their communication with you.

  • Feel the love you share light your candle, and allow your candle to light all those who come into contact with you.

  • Show gratitude, for in that moment you have allowed our imagined future to enter the present.

So our journey doesn’t end, we continue on, ever confident that we will reach our imagined future, getting closer and closer with every fluffy kiss and cuddle.

Explore Reiki Healing as a way to enhance your relationship with your pet, and offer healing energy when they need it.

With love and gratitude,



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