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Meditation for Authentic Self Expression

Enjoy this guided meditation to inspire true and authentic self-expression.

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Your Inner Wisdom

There is a part of you that is infinitely wise and has access to the divine intelligence of the universe. While known by many names in different traditions, for simplicity we will call it your intuition.

Intuition is your internal compass, guiding you towards the expression of your soul's deepest desires. Though intuition is available and working within everyone, some people work with it more consciously than others. Every time you ask your intuitive self for guidance you are exercising and refining it, which strengthens the connection and allows for more authentic self-expression.

Ask your intuitive self for guidance, then allow space to see, hear, feel or know the response.

Creating space for the response is one of the many benefits of meditation - you will find it much easier to understand your guidance if you are in a quiet meditative state.

Your intuition may answer you in memories, ideas, words, songs, visions, dreams, synchronicities (meaningful coincidences), gut feelings or knowings. The messages from your intuitive self are empowering and imbued with unconditional love.

Meditation for Authentic Self Expression

I share this meditation for authentic self expression in the hope that it inspires you to express your soul's deepest desires, and that you may experience the peace of self-acceptance this brings.

Begin by finding a quiet, comfortable place to sit upright. Take a few deep, calming breaths and settle into the present moment. State the following intention silently or out loud:

I allow the deepest desires of my Soul to gently and naturally unfurl, expressing through my body in a way that brings me joy, love, happiness and gratitude.

I allow my divine power to be expressed through me. Through every thought I think, every emotion I feel, every word I speak, every action I take, and every connection I make.

Release the intention and give space for your intuition to speak to you. It may take a while to understand the way it communicates with you. Patiently and compassionately wait and experience how you feel for a few moments.

  • What comes to mind?

  • Notice how you feel in your body.

  • Do you feel drawn to something in particular?

  • What thoughts or ideas does your soul wish to share with the world?

  • Is there something your soul needs you to say today - to yourself, to others?

  • What action is your soul guiding you to take today?

  • How does your soul wish to express itself through you today?

Once you have completed the meditation you may journal what came up for you. If you feel inspired to do so, take courageous action towards the expression of your soul's deepest desires and notice how you feel when you do!

With love and gratitude,



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