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Reiki Level 3a: Shinpiden

  • 497 New Zealand dollars
  • 31 Stranraer Crescent, Auckland


Level 3a classes are arranged by request, if you're ready for the "mystery teachings" please contact me! The Reiki fire that burns brightly within you has carried you this far. Welcome to Shinpiden, the "mystery teachings" of Reiki. The mystery teachings guide you to embrace Reiki as a way of life, taking your Reiki knowledge, skills and attitudes to a more profound level. In my Shinpiden 3a class you'll learn and experience: • Further Reiki Initiations that continue to awaken your True Self and spiritual gifts. • The final Sacred Reiki symbol and sound taught in Usui Reiki Ryoho. • Advanced Reiki Meditation practices that support your spiritual gifts to fully bloom. • Practical experience both giving and receiving Reiki Healing more intuitively. • Exploring what it really means to be a Reiki Master Practitioner with Reiki as your teacher. It's my intention that after this class you're committed to walking with Reiki as a way of life for the improvement of yourself, and for the sake of others. Upon completion of the class you'll be a certified Reiki Level 3a Master Practitioner. You'll graduate with a Reiki Level 3a: Shinpiden certificate and receive another comprehensive Reiki Manual that covers everything you need to continue your Reiki practice. As a member of Reiki NZ I teach to their guidelines. This in-person class is only part of your Reiki training, it will help your personal development if you make time before and after the class to read the Reiki Manual and reflect on the questions within it. To nurture the seeds planted in class you'll also need to continue to practice what you've learned, remember becoming a Reiki 'Practitioner' means we 'practice' Reiki. Prerequisites: • Reiki Level 2: Okuden Certification Recommended Class Preparation: • Document your daily personal practice • Document at least 12 Reiki Healing case studies • Document at least 6 Distance Reiki case studies • Attempt to live by the Reiki Precepts • Practice reciting the Reiki Precepts in Japanese Reiki Level 3 training is often split into two degrees. Upon completion of level 3a you become a Reiki Master Practitioner - your practice is intensified but you are not yet qualified to teach Reiki. If you want to continue on to teach others you must complete level 3b. At this stage I only offer Reiki 3a Master Practitioner training. ​If you've studied with a previous Reiki Teacher and wish to take a class with me, you're welcome to join us, please get in touch to discuss.

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Pamela G.

Charisse has such a calm, gentle presence that always makes me feel safe and cared for. I feel confident in her care because she's so knowledgeable on a range of topics. Her Reiki sessions are soothing and reassuring. I find they help me feel kinder to myself and soften me to receive whatever is coming my way. I always walk out feeling lifted!

Joanne M.

I've had three sessions of Reiki Healing, each time I felt incredibly peaceful and more connected to Source. I’ve even felt moments of bliss throughout the day. I was aware that deep issues were being addressed and felt much lighter, optimistic and filled with unconditional love. It’s the best gift that you can give yourself. I can’t express the immense gratitude I feel.

Liz T.

Charisse has a wealth of knowledge and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. Since my Reiki training I feel energised and stronger in my power. I feel more authentic and I think it will help me deal with self-doubt. I feel more compassionate about myself and others, I feel like I can help others which brings more purpose to my life, I love it!

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