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Getting Guidance from Angels

We're surrounded by divine Angelic beings who protect and inspire us. Connect with your Angels and let their loving guidance help you find peace and happiness.

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When life feels tough remember we don't have to struggle alone, we're surrounded by a whole team of spiritual supporters working quietly in the background for our highest good. Amongst our team are Angels, divine beings who rejoice in helping us navigate our lives more peacefully and lovingly.

Everyone has their own personal Guardian Angels who guide, support and protect us throughout our life.

Why Do We Have Angels?

Angels are sent to inspire and motivate us to better understand the spiritual nature of our lives and the universe. They guide us to experience oneness by helping us to feel our connection with everyone and everything in the universe. Realising our oneness promotes more compassion towards others, so they love helping us with this.

From their higher perspective angels can see the "big picture" and will offer guidance that benefits not just us as individuals, but will benefit the collective. They also inspire us to act in ways that will benefit the whole.

Angels are also guardians who protect and provide for us. Many people have shared experiences where lives have been saved, danger has been averted, or a message has been delivered by an angel.

Being divine beings, Angels are able to be in many places and helping many people at once. Their ability to do this means we never have to worry that by asking for help we’re taking an angel away from someone else in need.

Angels want to help us with anything - it doesn't matter if the issue is big or small. They know that by helping us as individuals, we'll have the energy to make the world a better place for the enjoyment of the whole.

Asking Angels for Guidance

We can call on angels to help us with every aspect of our life. There are angels of protection, angels of compassion, angels of creativity, angels of communication, angels of abundance, angels of change, angels of learning, angels of healing… there are angels for absolutely everything we may need help with!

Asking for their help isn’t a complicated process, we don't need any special props or rituals to do this, simply thinking “help!” is enough for our angels to fly into action on our behalf. But if we want to follow their guidance, we need to practice listening with our heart and keeping an open mind.

We can ask our angels to help us heal our body, mind and soul. I work with angels in my Angelic Reiki healing sessions to offer a comforting, protective energy that supports the healing process.

We can also ask the angels to ensure our physical and emotional needs are provided for, guiding us in the right direction and synchronistically lining us up with the right people, places and time.

It’s important to note that angels won’t just magically drop our requests into our lap. Instead they will guide us to take certain actions that will put us in the path of our desires. It’s up to us to follow their guidance and physically take those steps if we want to enjoy the results of their support.

How to Connect with your Angels

If we'd like to communicate with our angels and ask them for guidance, we'll develop a stronger connection if we talk to them often and listen for their response, just as we would with good friends.

The more that we talk to our angels, the more we will get to know their presence.

To build our relationship with our angels we can greet them with a warm and grateful "hello" when we wake up in the morning, and ask them to guide and support us for the day ahead. We can chat to them throughout our day, asking questions and asking for signs of their presence.

In the evening, if we are worried by anything, we can ask our angels to help us find a peaceful solution to the issue. And we can end our day in gratitude, thanking our spiritual support team for all the hard work they do behind the scenes.

The best way to connect to our angels is to make time to regularly meditate. Meditation helps us to cultivate a mind of calm awareness. With practice we extend the quiet space between our thoughts, where we can better sense our angels and their guidance.

Get to Know your Angels

Angels are often portrayed in artwork as strikingly beautiful beings, dressed in long flowing robes, with large white wings and a halo around their heads. This is a symbolic, humanised representation of an angel.

In art, an angel's beauty represents their divine perfection. Their wings represent their role as messengers from a higher consciousness. Their shining aura represents the energy of unconditional love that they radiate, and their golden halo symbolises the crown chakra - the energy centre at the top of our head connected to spirituality.

Angels exist on a finer energetic frequency than humans so they don’t really have a physical form, though they may present themselves to us in this way if they think it will help us to accept their presence and message.

The presence of angels, though powerful can also be very subtle. Rather than appearing to us as a 3-dimensional being, we are most likely to experience them as:

  • light and colour

  • sound vibrations

  • energetic sensations

  • physical sensations in the body

  • emotions

  • aromas

Sensing Angel Guidance

Sensing our angel guidance is easiest when we hold a relaxed and open state of mind. Often this occurs during/after meditation or when we're asleep and dreaming.

We can sense our angels and their messages through any combination of the following ways, try to remain open to all the ways that angel guidance may be showing up.

Visual Images

Using our minds’ eye or physical eyes, we may "see" colours, swirling lights or sparks of light. We may "see" a figure of light or the image of an angel.

We may have the sense that any visions we experience during meditation or in our dreams, contain a special energy and a message that answers the questions we've been asking our angels.

Our guidance may appear on a billboard, a car number plate, a social media post, or any other sign that grabs our attention and answers our issue.

Sound and Thoughts

In our mind or with our physical ears, we may "hear" our angel's guidance.

Our angels may place us in a position to overhear a conversation that inspires us. Perhaps we hear an advert on the radio that points us to our next step, or we keep hearing the same song that holds a message for us.

They may impress thoughts upon us, perhaps getting a song stuck in our head, or reminding us of a friend we should call for advice - then miraculously this friend says just the right thing that answers our question.

We may be surprised when a thought, idea or solution seems to arrive out of the blue. This is actually divinely inspired guidance from our angels!

Vibrations and Physical Sensations

Feeling sensations either physically or energetically is another way that our angels communicate with us.

We may feel reassuring and comforting sensations from our angels. Perhaps it's a rush of heat in our body, tingles, energy moving in our aura, goosebumps, a breeze, comforting hands on our shoulders, butterflies in our tummy or other sensations we don't normally feel.

If we're wondering about something, our angels may guide us with feelings. As we contemplate an idea they may impress upon us a feeling of "yes" or "no". We may feel in our heart or stomach that something is a great idea, or that actually it's probably not such a good idea.


Angels can communicate with us through our emotions which often accompanies a physical sensation in our body.

When our angels make their presence known to us we may suddenly feel overcome with great joy, bask in a moment of bliss, feel surrounded by unconditional love, a deep sense of peace, or a feeling of protection.

We may feel extremely joyful when we think about an idea, or we may feel bored and anxious. This emotional guidance from our angels can help us get a true sense of whether something is right for us.

Aromas and Tastes

Less often we may receive our angel guidance through what we smell and taste.

Perhaps our angels inspire us to bake chocolate chip cookies, and their smell and taste reminds us of helpful advice that our mother always used to give us.

Most often we experience angel guidance through a combination of the above.

Sharpening your Spiritual Senses

Angels use all of our senses to communicate their guidance with us, but we tend to favour one or two of our spiritual senses over the others. Our angels will communicate with us through these favoured senses most often because it's easier for us.

If we want to build a more complete picture of their guidance, then bringing awareness to all of our spiritual senses will help us understand more of their message. We can enhance all of our spiritual senses through frequent meditation practice.

Our spiritual senses are:

  • clairvoyance - seeing

  • clairaudience - hearing

  • clairsentience - feeling

  • claircognizance - knowing

  • clairalience - smelling

  • clairambience - tasting

If you'd like help to increase the power of your spiritual senses, please join me for Angelic Reiki healing where we can invite your angels to support you through this awakening process.

Using your Discernment

It’s important to always use discernment when interpreting guidance from our angels. Though our angels will offer us guidance, they will never instil a sense of fear or tell us to do anything.

Our angels will never tell us to do anything that would harm ourselves or another.

Our angels will never give us messages that make us feel uneasy in our body, uncomfortable, fearful, anxious, sad or angry.

If we feel the need for divine protection, we can call on our Guardian Angels or Archangel Michael to instantly surround us with their protective love and light.

Raising your Vibration

Developing a relationship with our angels and becoming aware of their guidance, helps us to create the life that we really want to live.

I encourage you to keep trying to connect with your angels regularly, they will find ways to get through to you. You can even ask them to help you raise your vibration to make communication easier!

Once you open the doors of communication with your angels, it will get easier to sense their divine guidance. As you get better at interpreting their guidance, you'll enjoy a sense of peace and happiness knowing that you always have a spiritual support team who has your back.

With love and gratitude,



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