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Messages from our Pets in Spirit

Your beloved pets in spirit are still very much part of your life, and they have messages to share with you from the ‘other side’.

two cute dogs

I write this post in honour of my two beloved dogs who are now in spirit. Diesel - a beautiful, cuddly Chihuahua who is my soulmate, and Bailey - a loyal, bright and bubbly Jack Russell. I love them both eternally.

Both of these fur babies are my teachers and this didn’t end when they crossed over! They have now taught me many ways in which we can share communication. They are still a huge part of my life even though they aren’t physically with me anymore, but most importantly I want you to understand...

Your pets in spirit are still deeply connected to you, and you can communicate with each other!

When our pets cross over it is completely heart-breaking, and it can feel like they are gone forever. The truth is that our relationship with them continues strongly, just in a different way. Instead of being physical it becomes energetic in nature, and this can take some time to get used to if you aren’t familiar with it.

Surprisingly you may find that communication with your pet becomes easier than when they were with you on Earth! This is because they now transcend time and space and can physically manifest their messages to you.

They will use your mind as a reference point, knowing that their message will have special meaning to you, even if others write it off as coincidence. I urge you to trust your heart if you think it’s you're receiving messages from your pets in spirit, and give them great thanks for their message!

Pets in Spirit may Communicate through:


Bailey crossed over about a year ago. Staying true to her loyal, determined, energetic nature she swiftly made contact with me. About a month after she passed she visited me in a dream where I quickly became lucid. It was one of those intense, spiritual dreams that you can’t ever forget, a very different feeling to regular dreams. I wasn’t dreaming ‘about’ her, I was dreaming ‘with’ her.

During the dream she would fade away and return, again and again, until she mastered the ability to remain in my dream. This indicates to me that it was a skill she needed to learn, and it was a combined effort on both our parts to have this incredibly healing dream. It gave me first-hand experience of communication with someone on the other side, and instilled in me the knowing that I could communicate with her whenever I choose to.

If you wish to experience a dream with your pet, hold the intention to have a lucid dream and invite your pet into your dream as you drift off to sleep. This will take practice on both your parts as lucid dreaming is an art in itself, but I find it very rewarding as I am able to ‘physically’ cuddle my pets again!

There are many methods for learning lucid dreaming, but intention does go a long way in helping, even without any training. If you would like to learn Lucid Dreaming I enjoy the teachings of Charlie Morley.

Bailey has even taken me to future destinations in dreams. It was quite startling to arrive at an Animal Reiki Workshop in a town I'd never physically visited, only to notice that the workshop space was exactly where Bailey had taken me in a lucid dream, two weeks prior to the event!

Diesel seems to find dreams a trickier method of communication, but both Diesel and Bailey come to me in dreams when I'm going through big changes or stressful events. It's incredibly comforting to know they are still loving and supporting me. Your fur babies are looking out for you too!


Diesel crossed over a few months ago. On the morning of his passing I knew that he wasn’t well and we had a chat. I gave him my blessing to cross over if he was ready, explaining that I loved him and he replied with a song - The Doors “The End”. The lyric repeating “This is the end, beautiful friend”.

At first I just thought it was my own imagination - could Diesel really like classic rock as much as I do? But since his passing he has used music to communicate with me a lot, and I now see it as his preferred method of communication.

He'll pop songs into my head, or bring my awareness to a song playing in the background of a party - knowing they are from him is something that only I can know, it’s a feeling in my heart that goes with the message. I trust it and I thank him.

Objects of Significance

If you resonate with items such as feathers or coins as a symbol of love from the other side, then this is something you may see more of. Sometimes it will be some other object of significance that you see.

Bailey doesn't show me butterflies or feathers, she shows me yellow cars. I don’t quite understand the message except that it grabs my attention and yellow is certainly a Bailey colour. When I see an unusual amount of yellow cars I know she’s saying “hello, I'm with you, everything will be ok”. There is no logic with this, again it’s the feeling that goes with seeing the object that lets me know who it is.

Recurring Numbers

A popular number to see is 11:11, but you may see any number pattern frequently as a message from your pet. Doreen Virtue referred to these patterns as Angel Numbers but it’s not just angels who use them to communicate with you!

Bailey also communicates with me in this way. She spends all day showing me double digit patterns like 17:17, 21:21, 14:14. Instead of relying on the meaning of the numbers, I see them as her way of getting my attention. When I see this happening I stop what I’m doing, send her some love, and wait for her message to pop into my mind or feel it in my heart.

Thoughts & Pictures

Just like when they were here on Earth, our pets can communicate with us telepathically and with pictures.

Diesel has visited me in meditation where I have clearly seen his gorgeous face in my minds eye. The image is more vivid than when I recreate the memory of his face in my imagination, and I feel so blessed knowing he is joining me.

I have also had the experience of very clearly hearing Diesel’s voice speaking to me as I came out of a dream. The voice almost sounded external, but I believe it was just a VERY loud thought that he impressed upon me while I was in a receptive state. His voice had a very definite tone, and I laughed because I never imagined his voice to sound so deep, yet I knew it was a message from him because I felt the truth of it in my heart.

Butterflies & Birds

People often experience beautiful, lingering encounters with butterflies and birds that they associate with those who have crossed over. Your beloved pet may use other animals to connect with you too.

In the weeks after Diesel passed away I had a lingering experience with a cricket which I feel was Diesel popping home to say hello. This quiet little cricket had climbed to the top of the curtains in my Healing Room and hung out there while I meditated.

The Healing Room was Diesel’s favourite place to be, and he always sensed when I was meditating or healing and would join me. Being an animal lover I sent healing to this cricket and to Diesel before taking the cricket outside, where I took the opportunity to kindly ask Diesel not to use bugs to connect with me in future!

I've also had beautiful experiences with Rosella Parrots at the park where I used to walk Diesel and Bailey. I sensed Bailey's presence when a Rosella settled unusually close to me. I laughed to myself because if Bailey had been born a bird, a beautiful but noisy parrot is exactly what she'd be. To confirm Bailey was present I invited Diesel to join us too, and to my delight a second Parrot swooped right past my face and settled on the fence next to me.

I hope these examples give you hope that you can enjoy heartwarming communications with your pets in spirit too.

Feeling Their Presence

Sometimes if you are quiet and still you may notice the spirit of your pets in a more physical sense. You may feel tingles, a kind of expansive pressure and heat in your body accompanied by the knowing it is your pet impressing their energy upon you. You may even feel them jump onto the bed like they used to as you drift off to sleep.

I first became aware of this many years ago when our childhood cat Hazel passed away. She liked to sleep on my pillow, but would eventually begin kneading my head with her claws to ask me to move off 'her' pillow. When she passed away she would often return to my pillow at night and I would sense her there. Hazel taught me this was possible, so now when I’m in need of a cuddle I invite Diesel and Bailey to lay next to me and I feel their energetic presence.

Connecting with Your Pets in Spirit to Hear their Messages

You may have experienced your pets communicating with you using any of the methods above, and if you haven’t yet, then may you be armed with knowledge now and be open to receiving messages from them in future. Remember that it is a learned skill and takes practice from both parties to perfect, keep trying!

Communication is two-way, so what about when you want to say “Hi” to them?

It’s actually very simple… Just think about them and talk to them! By thinking of them they will become aware of your energy reaching out to them, and they will hear your message! They will be as happy to hear from you, as you are to hear from them.

You may worry that they don’t understand what you’re saying, but your words and thoughts have an energetic signature and energy is a universal language, so they will feel the essence of your message and understand it.

If you’d like to be led through a meditation to connect with your pets in spirit, and learn to physically feel their presence around you, then please read my accompanying blog Connecting With Your Pets in Spirit.

If you'd like to enter a relaxed and meditative state where you'r fur babies can communicate with you, I offer Trauma Informed Reiki Healing and Distance Reiki sessions.

With love and gratitude,



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